The Min Lab

Selected Publications

Measuring the size and growth of single cells

An Gong, Mingwei Min. (2022) Biophysics Reports

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Temporal integration of mitogen history in mother cells controls proliferation of daughter cells

Mingwei Min, Yao Rong, Chengzhe Tian, Sabrina L. Spencer. (2020) Science

Spontaneously slow-cycling subpopulations of human cells originate from activation of stress-response pathways

Mingwei Min, Sabrina L. Spencer. (2019) Plos Biology

Ki67 is a Graded Rather than a Binary Marker of Proliferation versus Quiescence.

Iain Miller, Mingwei Min, Chen Yang, Chengzhe Tian, Sara Gookin, Dylan Carter, Sabrina L.Spencer. (2018) Cell Rep.

A map of protein dynamics during cell-cycle progression and cell-cycle exit

Sara Gookin, Mingwei Min, Harsha Phadke, Mingyu Chung, Justin Moser, Iain Miller, Dylan Carter, Sabrina L.Spencer. (2017) PLOS Biol.

UBE2O remodels the proteome during terminal erythroid differentiation

Anthony T Nguyen, Miguel A Prado, Paul J Schmidt, Anoop K Sendamarai, Joshua T Wilson-Grady, Mingwei Min, Dean R Campagna, Geng Tian, Yuan Shi, Verena Dederer, Mona Kawan, Nathalie Kuehnle, Joao A Paulo, Yu Yao, Mitchell J Weiss, Monica J Justice, Steven P Gygi, Mark D Fleming, Daniel Finley. (2017) Science

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Efficient APC/C substrate degradation in cells undergoing mitotic exit depends on K11 ubiquitin linkages

Mingwei Min, Tycho Mevissen, Maria De Luc, David Komander, Catherine Lindon. (2015) Mol. Biol. Cell

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Using in vivo biotinylated ubiquitin to describe a mitotic exit ubiquitome from human cells

Mingwei Min, Ugo Mayor, Gunnar Dittmar, Catherine Lindon. (2014) Mol. Cell. Proteomics

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Ubiquitination site preferences in anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) substrates

Mingwei Min, Ugo Mayor, Catherine Lindon. (2013) Open Biol.

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