The Min Lab


Happy Birthday to Zhishen and Yuelan! (ᵔ⌔ᵔ)

30 May 2023

ZS_Birthday2023 YL_BDay2023

Hiking trip at the Shaoguan Grand Canyon

09 April 2023

Joint trip with Peng Lab and Jose Silva Lab to Shaoguan Grand Canyon – we drove 3 hours to visit “the most beautiful canyon in Guangdong”. The gorgeous canyon and beautiful waterfalls make it all worths it. Shaoguan_202304 Shaoguan_202304 (2) Shaoguan Grand Canyon_202304

New lab pets produced by ender3. ◔.̮◔✧

01 April 2023

Not just centrifuge tube holders… centrifuge tube rack

Picnic and movie night to celebrate recent birthdays! •ᴗ•

18 March 2023

AG_Bday2023 Movie_202303

New grant, new project

01 December 2022

We are awarded a Pearl River Talents team grant, with Jose Silva, Man Zhang, Hengyou Weng and Qi Chen Labs to research cell fate control of lung stem cells.

Recent birthday celebrations - Qingyang, Xinyi, Fuhong

14 November 2022

Have a great birthday, Qingyang, Xinyi, Fuhong! QY_BDay2022 Xinyi_Bday2022 FH_BDay2022

Hike up the Qiniang Peak

29 May 2022

Mingwei, Xinyi and friends of the lab hike up the second highest peak in Shenzhen - Qiniang Peak. The peak is buried in clouds but we are fortunate to take a peek of the pretty bay down the mountain.



Happy Birthday to Mengdan and Feng Chan!

06 April 2022


Double Birthdays in the lab

10 March 2022

Happy Birthday to the forever-young An and Mingwei:-P


The first paper from the lab

10 February 2022

The first paper from the Min lab is out! An and Mingwei reviewed the methods to measure size and growth of single cells - both snapshots and dynamics. Check it out here.

Farewell Jiasui

18 December 2021

We say goodbye to Jiasui with a barbecue in the Botany Garden. Good luck and have fun in Frankfurt, Jiasui. We will miss you!





Happy B-Day Xinyi

25 November 2021

Happy B-Day Xinyi! XinyiBday2021

Lab hike to Shiyading

13 November 2021

We grasp the brief autumn in Guangzhou to get out of the lab for a hike. It’s an easy 12km route from Jinkeng to Shiyading, an abandoned quarry, via the Huafeng peak. We had perfect weather with the sun and breeze:-) labhike

Congrats Jiasui

08 October 2021

We celebrate Jiasui’s PhD offer with a glass of bubbles. Jiasui will start her PhD in Biophysics early next year in Martin Beck’s lab at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics.

Congrats Jiasui and HAVE FUN in you PhD! We will surely miss you.


Welcome Chuncao and Jiaming

13 September 2021

We welcome our two new Research Assitants - Chuncao and Jiaming. They will use ES cells as a model to study the role of cell cycle in cell fate transitions.

Goodbye Shichao

30 August 2021

Shichao completed his work here. But he will continue to use his computational expertise to work on cell biology problems, as a grad study in WUSTL. Best of luck in WashU, Shichao!

Our first NSFC grant

20 August 2021

The lab is awarded its first NSFC (National Science Foundation of China) grant. Now we just need to do some good science:-)

An Gong's Postdoc Fellowship

02 June 2021

An Gong is awarded the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Fellowship. Congrats!

Another new toy

30 April 2021

Our microcope, Gryffindor, finally arrived and is fully assembled! Can’t wait to jump on it with our blinky cells.


Happy New Year from the top of Guangzhou!

01 January 2021

Xinyi, Mingwei and friends of the lab hiked the highest peak in Guangzhou - the Tian Tang Ding (Heaven Peak). It was a strenuous 18km hike with about 1200m elevation. But the view from the top worth all the sweat. A great way to start a new year.
Happy New Year everyone!

Heaven Peak Heaven Peak Group Photo

Welcome Shichao

30 December 2020

Shichao joined us after completing his internship at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology. With much experience in machine learning based image processing, he will help us to develop new image analysis tools. Welcome, Shichao!

Happy birthday, Jiasui!

26 December 2020

We don’t traditionally celebrate Christmas here in China, but Jiasui gives us a perfect reason.😊
Happy Birthday Jiasui & Merry Christmas everyone!

Jiasui Birthday

Xinyi's birthday

04 December 2020

We tried really hard to throw a surprise party for Xinyi. But appearently not hard enough to keep it a surprise. Happy Birthday Xinyi!

Xinyi Birthday

Welcome Jiasui

11 November 2020

Jiasui is joining us after a long trip from Ithaca and two-weeks quarantine in Guangzhou. Welcome Jiasui!

New toy

24 October 2020

While we are still waiting for our microscope, we got ourselves a less expensive toy. Meet our Ender, and Mingwei’s first (unfinished) print Yoda.

ender3 is in

An Gong and Mengdan officially join the lab

30 September 2020

An Gong and Mengdan join the lab as the first two postdocs. Good luck to both!

Welcome to the Min Lab website!

01 July 2020

Xinyi kicks start the lab! while Mingwei is still trapped in the US…

We will officially open the door in fall. Check back soon for more updates…