The Min Lab


We are interested in a broad range of questions underlying the dynamics of cell fate transitions. We approach these questions by both wet and dry lab methods and by developing new tools. We are also open to ideas that you’re excited about. Please send us an email to describe your interest in our lab.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate may work with us as interns. Please contact Mingwei for details.

Graduate Students

The Guangzhou Laboratory has join PhD and Master programmes with University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, ShanghaiTech and a few other universities. We encourage prospective graduate students join us for a short intern to first determine if we are a good fit (in terms of research interest, lab culture etc). For details, please see the potential programmes or contact Mingwei.

Postdoctoral Fellows

We have a few Postdocs positions available. We are particularly interested in PhDs with experience in imaging, organoid culure or the respiratory system. We also welcome other backgrounds in biology and engineering. You will be expected to engage in defining specific research programs in the broad area of cell fate determination and undertake these with colleagues in a multi-disciplinary team. You will be self-motivated, curious, ambitious, and passionate to tackle challenging problems. Inquiries about Postdoctoral positions should be emailed directly to Mingwei.


We are also interested in hosting other visitors who enrich our scientific environment and lab culture. This could include (but is not limited to) foreign exchange students, interns, sabbatical visitors from academia and industry, and post-bac technicians. We are open to other arrangements as well, so please contact us if you are interested in our work.